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PSG Investments specializes in two different types of investment opportunities: flipping houses for quick profit, and holding properties as part of a rental portfolio for long term gain. Both are equally great opportunities to create wealth through real estate investing but are very different in obvious ways. We feel that all investors should keep a portfolio consisting of both quick flips and some income producing rentals. There are benefits to both, as you will see below, but we feel the best decision is to combine the two methods to keep a balanced investment portfolio.

For both types of real estate investments we concentrate on three different primary factors in order to analyze the potential investment. Of course there are other factors considered, but these are the most important and best indicators of the current market. We will break down the factors for both flips and rentals for the prospective buyers.

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    25 January 2013
    (RECON, 1/25/13) – Texas cities have dominated Forbes’ list of fastest growing cities, with one city
    18 January 2013
      (RECON, 1/18/13) – December marked the 19th straight month of existing home sales volume increases,